PC-AS-ND pressure compensated drip hose, 200 meters

  • Pressure compensated
  • Anti-siphon
  • No drain
  • Underground installation possible
  • 33cm distance between drippers
  • 16mm PE hose
  • 200 meters
  • In accordance with NEN ISO 9261:2004

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: Plastic Puglia| MPN: RAP1633200


Thick-walled drip hose suitable for multi-year drip irrigation. Suitable for above and below ground use. The drip hose has flat emitters with 3 functions:

Pressure compensated: Regardless of the pressure on the dripper, the delivery is constant. This is ideal for height differences and for commercial cultivation.

Anti-Siphon: In case of underground installation, this prevents the suction/attraction of dirt to the drippers. This prevents clogging and guarantees long-term trouble-free operation.

No-Drain: If the pressure falls below 0.25 bar, the drippers are closed so that the hose does not empty. As soon as pressure is put on the system again, all drippers open simultaneously, which ensures a uniform delivery and makes pulse irrigation possible.

This drip hose can be used, among other things, under your lawn. This not only saves a lot of water by preventing evaporation, but you can water your lawn while you sit on it, no more discolored tiles and facades and absolutely silently!

33 cm dripper distance
2.2 liters/hour/dripper nominal delivery
0.5 bar minimum operating pressure
4.0 bar maximum working pressure
1.1 mm wall thickness
120 mesh recommended filtering
112 meters maximum strand length at 2 bar

Available in rolls of 200 meters. Purchase per entire roll.

For large-scale projects, other dripper distance and delivery, other wall thicknesses and nominal diameters: please contact us!

Product Details

Max. druk (bar)
4 bar

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