Tekspeed 1309TT frequency inverter

  • Frequency controller
  • 400V in
  • 400V out
  • 3,0 - 4,0 kW pump
  • Air cooled
  • 1/4" male thread pressure sensor
  • Dual-pump mode

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: Elentek| MPN: 99403


The Tekspeed 1309TT is an air-cooled frequency controller that starts and stops a tri-phase (400V) electric pump in a controlled manner based on the water consumption at an adjustable constant pressure. In other words You can set the pressure from 0.5 to 25 bar and the controller will adjust the motor speed based on the decrease. So if you take less water, the regulator will make the pump work faster while the pressure remains constant. Regulating the speed of the pump based on the frequency saves energy at lower speeds!

Another advantage is that water hammer is reduced and high starting current is avoided because the pump starts and stops gradually. This significantly extends the life of your pump and pipework.

The Tekspeed protects your pump against dry running, current peaks and can be controlled via an external contact (float, timer, etc.). Master-Slave option built in as standard with automatic interaction so that both controlled pumps take turns as 'master'.

The controller is equipped as standard with an unwired pressure sensor with 1/4" male thread with a measuring range of 0-16 bar.

Product Details

Volt in
400 Volt
Volt uit
400 Volt
3,0 - 4,0kW
Max. vloeistof temp. (°C)
Max. temperatuur (°C)
Max. druk (bar)
25 bar