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Sirio Universal water cooled frequency converter

  • Frequency controller
  • 230V in
  • 230V out
  • Max. 1,5 kW pump
  • Dry installed with pressure sensor
  • Clearly readable LCD

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: ItalTecnica| EAN: 8055060351113


attachment Sirio Universal handleiding (2.63MB)
attachment Sirio Universal Brochure (1.82MB)


Easily adjustable water-cooled frequency inverter. Control the speed of your pump based on a pressure you set and save power (up to 60%)!

The controller switches your pump on and off and protects your pump against everything imaginable such as dry running, overload and power surges. The soft start and stop control extends the life of your pump and the entire pressure installation. You can link 2 frequency converters together for intelligent control of 2 pumps.

This controller can control pumps up to 1.5kW with a voltage of 230V and pumps up to 2.2kW with a voltage of 3 x 230V. Maximum flow 10.8 m3/hour, but can also be used for larger volumes via a bypass.

The Sirio Universal can be expanded with a WiFi board so that you can control settings and operation via the cloud.

Is delivered unwired and without the WiFi module!

Product Details

Volt in
230 Volt
Volt uit
230 Volt & 3 x 230 Volt
0,37 - 2,2kW
Max. vloeistof temp. (°C)
Max. temperatuur (°C)
Max. druk (bar)
8 bar

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