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Simaco EGO 500 GI submersible pump with float

  • Capacity:10.0 m3/hour
  • Head: 8.0 meters
  • Dirt passage: 9 mm
  • 230 Volts
  • 470 Watts

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: Simaco| MPN: 370201


attachment Simaco EGO datasheet (326.42KB)


The Simaco EGO 500 GI submersible pump with glass fiber reinforced housing is an Italian top quality submersible pump with built-in float. Ideal for emptying flooded basements, crawl spaces, swimming pools, reservoirs, wet rooms and garages. The pump can pass dirt particles up to 9 mm in size and is therefore suitable for pumping slightly polluted water.

The built-in float is specially designed for use in very small spaces. The float is easy to operate via an external slide/switch. With this slide/switch you can choose between 'manual' or 'automatic' pumping. In automatic mode the pump starts when the water level is 130 mm and stops at 70 mm. When used manually, the pump can extract up to 9 mm.

The pump is ready to plug in and equipped with a 10 meter cable. The pump comes with a 25mm hose tail, and there is also a simple check valve that runs to 1 1/4" female thread. The pump is equipped with a thermal protection and equipped with a 3-part hydraulic seal for long-term problem-free use. 

Product Details

470 Watt
Aansluiting perszijde
Opvoerhoogte (m)
8,0 meter
Capaciteit (m3/uur)
10,0 m3/uur
Vuildoorlaat (mm)
9 mm
Lengte (cm)
20,6 cm
Breedte (cm)
16,6 cm
Hoogte (cm)
25,2 cm
RVS 304