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RPE solenoid valve

  • Heavy solenoid valve
  • For irrigation, industry and waste water
  • Female thread connection 3/4" to 2"
  • With flow control
Maat (duims)

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: RPE| MPN: 630


attachment RPE 3/4 data sheet (878.55KB)
attachment RPE 1 data sheet (567.39KB)
attachment RPE 1 1/4 data sheet (581.09KB)
attachment RPE 1 1/2 data sheet (625.82KB)
attachment RPE 2 data sheet (723.64KB)


Heavy solenoid valve with industry standard, equipped with internal thread as standard and equipped with a flow control. The valve may be mounted in any position.

These valves are closed (without voltage) by default (NC type). Standard solenoid 24 V AC (alternating voltage) 2.2 Watt. Optional solenoids available. With optional solenoid these can also be opened as standard (NO type) or controlled with 230V.

RPE valves are extremely reliable and that is why we choose to only sell RPE valves so that we can always be sure that you are satisfied.


25mm pipe
3 m3/hour
32mm pipe
6 m3/hour
1 1/4"
40mm pipe
10 m3/hour
1 1/2"
50mm pipe
24 m3/hour
63mm pipe
44 m3/hour

Product Details

24V AC
2,2 Watt
Max. temperatuur (°C)
Max. druk (bar)
10 bar

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