Exa FSCX 100/50M-A stainless steel dirty water submersible pump with float

  • Capacity: 30.0 m3/hour
  • Head: 11.5 meters
  • Dirt passage: 50mm
  • 230 Volts
  • 750 Watts
  • With float

(VAT included)

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The FSCX 100/50M-A is an industrial stainless steel 304 submersible pump with a stainless steel 304 closed bi-channel impeller, stainless steel 316 pump shaft, over-sized bearings and floating float for automatic switching. The pump is designed for aggressive and/or polluted water with solid (and abrasive) components up to 50mm.

This Italian powerhouse is equipped with a mechanical silicon carbide/alumina seal plus a radial lip seal (oil seal) and the engine runs in an anti-oxide oil bath for extremely reliable operation.

The pump is equipped with a 10 m rubber H07RNF cable as standard and is equipped with thermal protection.

Product Details

230 Volt
750 Watt
Aansluiting perszijde
Opvoerhoogte (m)
11,5 meter
Max. diepte (m)
10,0 meter
Capaciteit (m3/uur)
30,0 m3/uur
Vuildoorlaat (mm)
50 mm
Max. temperatuur (°C)
Lengte (cm)
18,0 cm
Breedte (cm)
21,4 cm
Hoogte (cm)
36,9 cm
Gewicht (kg)
12,0 kg
RVS 304
RVS 316
RVS 304