PC pressure compensated drip hose, 50 meters

  • Pressure compensated
  • 33cm distance between drippers
  • 16mm, 1.1mm wall thickness
  • Roll of 50 meters
  • Conform NEN ISO 9261:2004

(VAT included)

In stock | Brand: Plastic Puglia| MPN: RGP163350B


Professional pressure-compensated drip hose for your hedge, borders and vegetable garden. Due to the black color, the snake does not stand out among your plants. The hose can also be concealed under mulch, which also improves the moisture balance for your plants and prevents evaporation (water saving!).

The distance between the drippers is 33cm with a delivery of 2 liters/hour/dripper (at 1 bar). The drippers are designed for an even delivery over the entire length, even with a significant height difference. The labyrinth drippers keep dirt out, keeping clogging to a minimum.

Pressure-compensated drip hose is perfect if you have a lot of height difference or need to know the exact delivery rate due to... plant food.

Purchase per entire roll.

Maximum strand length at 3 bar = 103 meters.

Product Details

Max. druk (bar)
4 bar

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